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"Nitya is a true healer in every sense of the word. Not only was her knowledge of Ayurveda in depth and medical, she combined this with her extraordinarily healing touch, gentle spirit and compassion. The treatment carried me from a state of utter exhaustion, depression and sleeplessness to a profound shift of my mental and emotional well-being and a deep rejuvenation of my body's health. I have been back to a normal cycle of living and healing since my treatment plan with her. I have been handling the same stressful situations, but now with ease.

I am committed to taking better care of myself and Nitya gave me tools, oils and gifts that I continue to implement since my session with her that have kept me balanced and even. I am deeply grateful to have had this experience and I feel it will continue to support me for much time to come. I highly recommend her treatment therapies."

~ Laura Fine
Director: Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing
Author: Taming the Restless Mind: The Best Kept Meditation Secret on the Planet
858.722.5474 for appointments
Transpersonal Energy Healing, Counseling, Coaching
PO box 6061 #700, Sherman Oaks, CA. 91413

"Nitya has a calm, soothing manner. Her treatments left me much calmer and much more grounded and centered.

The treatments were nurturing to the body and the nervous system while simultaneously bringing out inner joy and radiance.

The facial skin was glowing - on all of my friends too, who had treatments around the same time.

We all were very happy and felt like we had a vacation - when we "only" had a couple of treatments.

I will definitely seek out more treatments."

~ Monika Murphy , Designer and Managing director at www.MonikAstara.com

"My experience with Nitya's work is sheer bliss! The sessions that I have had with her are wonderful.
The treatment is in absolute integrity and the energy she holds is amazing. I clear tremendous amounts of energies in an environment that is peaceful, supportive and perfect for me.

Give yourself the great gift of clearing energy and toxins in stepping up to healing on all levels with her and enjoy!"

~ Brook Still, Healer, Teacher, 24th generation curandera.

"Nitya is truly a great healer...She worked extensively with me when I was going through a spiritual emergence that involved my heart chakra....Her use of the heart basti technique had immediate results in reducing the physical and emotional pain in my heart as the granthis (sanskrit for knots) were being severed in the astral plane. She also helped in my recovery from passing a large kidney stone a year later. I highly recommend her healing work and would be happy to communicate with anyone who is going through similar healing experiences...."

Om Shanti ~ Dayananda (Dennis Harness)
Dennis M. Harness, Ph.D.
PO Box 2149
Sedona, Arizona 86339
(928) 282-6595
www.dennisharness.com - www.ancientoracletours.com

"Nitya's work is exquisite, powerful and profoundly nurturing. What a gift! A sensitive, intuitive healer with immense knowledge and refined skills, I find myself literally melting into her hands.

My mind and body totally surrender to the healing light of her touch. The world disappears and all I feel is love -- pure and absolute."

~ Ashana - singer & crystal bowl artist - http://soundofashana.com/

"Nitya not only is a powerful body worker and an intense healer, she is an intuitive therapist that travels straight to the pain body areas and magically releases any kind of tension physically as well as emotionally."

~ Shipra Maurya, Nevada City, CA

"My life is enriched having known Nitya. She truly is a healer in all senses of the word. From her wisdom, to her sensitive yet powerful touch, to her clear actions and intentions. Each treatment has brought a deeper discovery of myself and shifted my energy into a better space.

Her treatments are like finding your way home inside yourself. One should be so lucky to find her. She a healer that puts tremendous soul, knowledge, and love into her work and should be recognized as a leader in her field."

~ Mandy Lucchese
Owner & manager of Kinfolk Yoga, Grass Valley, CA


"These ayurveda pioneers lead the pack as exceptionally dedicated, creative, supportive, and nurturing practitioners. They go the extra miles to meet the needs of their clients."

~ Patricia Sweeney-Park, MA, CAS, PKS


"The Pancha Karma that I experienced at Rejuvenation Therapies was the most nurturing experience of my life. I was held in a loving and gentle space while I released toxins and emotional trauma from painful life experiences. These women are quiet angels who channel healing in a very unique and authentic way.

If you are ready for a shift and are looking to release some old patterns and move into a more vibrant self, then I can't think of a better place to go."

~ Ramona Mays


"I feel very fortunate to have experienced many of the bodywork techniques in which Nitya excels. Nitya has an extraordinary gift in marma therapy and my tissue memory will never forget my sessions with her."

~ Suteja Navarro


My Experience with Nitya’s Bliss TherapyTreatment

"I arrived at my Bliss Therapy session with incredible low back and hip pain that had been getting worse every day for a week. I was hesitant about having the painful areas massaged because I thought I would not be able to tolerate any pressure in those areas. That reluctance soon passed because Nitya is very calm, loving, concerned, knowledgeable and professional. Right away I had total trust in her. She is without a doubt a very clear healer. Her demeanor and touch told me that there was nothing to be concerned about with her massaging in and around my most painful areas. I had always protected these areas by not letting other body workers get near them.

She started with a full-body massage in the Ayurvedic tradition with special rhythmic strokes using warm herbal oil specifically selected for me. The massage was very complete from head to toes; every muscle was soothed and relaxed. The depth of the strokes was perfect for me, strong and gentle. The style of the strokes felt incredibly good to me. At one point I got warm chills and the strokes seemed to 'lift' the anxiety and tension from my body. As she performed her magic the pain, soreness and tension completely left my body. I felt my chest relax and the pain subside completely. I was totally amazed that all that pain had disappeared so quickly and completely. I experienced a peace and a level of relief I hadn't felt for quite some time.

Just as I felt totally satisfied I was treated to a “Shirodhara” which involves gently pouring warm oil over the forehead. I had never experienced anything quite like this before so I focused on the point of sensation where the oil streamed over my third eye and it felt like many little fingers calming the tightness and pressure in my head. The oil was at such a perfect temperature that, right away, I couldn't differentiate between the oil and my body. I easily went into an altered state of mind. At first it felt similarly to deep meditation but progressed into a feeling of my mind melting and flowing with the oil as one. I lost all concept of time so I have no idea how long this treatment lasted. A muscle twitch brought me back up to an awakened state.

The body tension was relieved by the body massage and now the stress of my mind was soothed by the 'Shirodhara'.

To top it all off I was then covered with a steam tent. As my body heated and began to sweat I could feel the oil go deeper into my skin and I knew that any toxins that were worked up were being released. It was a wonderful feeling to have herbal scented hot steam on my body and yet breathe cool air. After everything I felt deeply relaxed, calm and without pain anywhere in my body and at the same time I felt renewed, energized and vibrant. I truly did feel younger. My skin felt wonderfully glowing and alive. I can't think of anything else in life that brings all that to you. The three treatments together create an experience that is nothing short of blissful so it is well named 'Bliss Therapy'. I recommend this treatment to anyone who needs to feel like 'coming home' into their body and experience more bliss in their life."

~ Carol H., Grass Valley, CA

"Having a bliss therapy with Nitya was at first, extremely nourishing and nurturing, and I thought, 'Wonderful! This will be really relaxing...' but as the treatment progressed I felt she was pouring not just oil but pure love onto/into me. An experience of, yes, deep bliss that lasted for days afterward."

~ Ceci Miller, author, editor and co-publisher of the Runt Farm series by Amanda Lorenzo

"Nitya's body treatments takes me out of my body and gently fluffs and realigns my entire energy field and set me back into my body in a state of bliss and gratitude.....

Now, who wouldn't want that!!"

~ Eva Tobie, Raw Foods Chef, Instructor and Nutrition Educator.
Owner of "HEALTH AND HAPPINESS" www.rawculinarywisdom.com

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."

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