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Our Therapies

We offer extensive detox programs including traditional ayurvedic Pancha Karma programs and holistic liver and kidney detoxification programs.

Our Treatment RoomPancha Karmaincludes a variety of restorative therapies that can also stand alone.

These therapies involve the use of herbal oils held in place over specific organs or applied all over the body. In the Indian medical system of Ayurveda, massaging oils into the skin is equated with love. It is called snehana and literally means, “tender, loving embrace.”

Many common health complaints can be alleviated by the practice of snehana. Our most popular stand-alone treatment is the Bliss therapy, which includes a two-person synchronized oil massage, shirodhara and herbal steam therapy. It is the basis of our pancha karma programs, but by itself is particularly useful for health problems associated with and stress, grief, and aging.


Bliss Therapy

A perfect way to de-stress the body and mind, It combines the Abhyanga, Shirodhara and Swedana therapies to rejuvenate and recharge you in a most delightful way. A Bliss Therapy is the basic foundation of most Pancha Karma programs.


Swedana is an herbal steam therapy using freshly dried herbs. It generally follows massages and other Ayurvedic bodywork to warm the body, help it absorb the oils, and eliminate toxins through sweat.


Abhyanga is an enlivening and revitalizing synchronized massage performed by One or two therapists with warmed herbal oils. It stimulates arterial and lymphatic circulation, activates marmas and the nadi system to enliven and revitalize the body. It is part of every pancha karma program.


A continuous stream of warm oil flows gently over the forehead and scalp, stimulating the sixth chakra (third eye) and profoundly relaxing the nervous system. Tibetan massage techniques are added in longer sessions to help balance and soothe the mind and improve mental clarity. Click here for more information.

Ayurvedic Consultations

Using various techniques to determine your native constitution and your imbalances (pulse, iridology, tongue, and health interview) we recommend the best combination of herbs, lifestyle & bodywork for your individual needs.

Thyroid / Throat Bath

Warm medicated oil or ghee, retained by a dough dam, is placed over the thyroid area on the throat. This treatment is said to stimulate and nourishes thyroid glands and may be particularly helpful for thyroid function, neck pain and 5th chakra issues.

Adrenal Bath or Katti Basti

Warm medicated oil or ghee, retained by a dough dam, is placed over the kidney/adrenal area. This treatment stimulates and nourishes the adrenal glands which may reduce stress and improve adrenal function. It can also be applied to the lower back to relieve chronic neuromuscular pain or inflammation.

Rose Heart Bath (Urobasti)

A dough dam is placed over the heart region and filled with a mixture of warm milk or ghee, rose essential oil, and herbs such as arjuna, rose and hibiscus. This nurturing treatment soothes and nourishes the physical heart and emotions. It can be a powerful cathartic experience.

Ghee Eyebath (Netrabasti)

Bathing the eyes in ghee is an exotic and soothing experience that greatly eases chronic eye dryness, mental tension, eyestrain and glaucoma. It also is said to nourish the nervous system, brain and increase memory. A dough goggle is place around the eyes and filled with pure, organic warmed ghee.

Sinus Therapy (Nasya)

Steam therapy followed by a face, neck and scalp massage ends with application of herbalized oil or ghee into the sinuses. This soothing treatment is said to tonify the eyes and sinuses, relieve neck and jaw tension, and nourish the brain. Oil and ghee also release old, stuck mucus in the nasal passages.


Udwartana is an exfoliating lymphatic massage using pastes of barley, chick pea and graham flours along with herbs that are tuned to the client’s needs. This massage balances vata, removes fat, cleanses and nourishes the skin and increases circulation. It is best for Vata and Kapha types.

Pinda Swedana

Pinda swedana is a massage used in pancha karma to heal Vata diseases, especially neuromuscular disorders, improve blood circulation and remove wastes. This massage uses cloth boluses often filled with cooked rice, milk and herbs. It is always performed with abhyanga and svedana.


Garshana is a dry massage done with wool, raw silk, or exfoliating gloves. It is performed quickly to remove dry skin and stimulate lymphatic drainage and circulation.

Marma Abhyanga

Marma points are positions on the body where the physical, and energetic bodies meet. A marma massage revitalizes organs and body systems by removing blockages of stagnant energy. It also affects the chakra energy and balances the doshas. Marma massage is often part of pancha karma.

"You already have the precious mixture that will make you well. Use it."
~ Rumi

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